Commission Info

Step 1: Read my TOS & Payment Info

Yeah, I know… BORING stuff! But necessary! You must be familiar with my TOS before getting a commission. You might also find the FAQ to be helpful if you have a burning question.

Terms of Service


No Pornographic / Sexual Adult Content. This includes sexualized nudity and genitalia. Please contact me if you are unsure about content restrictions. Client needs to be 18+ to purchase any Works, commissioned or otherwise, with a rating of R or higher.

Revisions, Previews and Cancellations

Major revisions to style, composition and character details are only permitted during the “sketch” phase of applicable Commissions. Once inked, the only things that can be altered are the colors, patterns and shading. You can request these kinds of changes any time if you attend the live stream during your commission.

If you do not attend the live stream during your commission, you will be emailed the sketch for your approval (if applicable.) A finished version of your piece will be emailed to you for your approval. If no additional adjustments are needed, you will be sent a final version of your piece and business will be concluded. Certain items such as sketches, speed paints and icons do not have an approval/revision phase, and you will only receive the final version. Please attend my live stream if your wish to have input on your piece while it’s being made.

Excessive amounts of revising during the production may result in additional costs. No edits will be allowed once business is concluded.

Cancellations/refunds are only offered during the sketch phase. Should I need to cancel a commission for any reason throughout the process client will get full refund. Clients lose any and all rights to works that are canceled/refunded.

Art Rights

You retain all applicable rights to your IP and Characters. I retain all rights to the works I create which includes the right to redistribute, promote and indirectly profit, as well as any rights afforded by Copyright Law. Should you want additional rights or licenses to the works, or wish to have your commission remain private, please contact me for a price quote.

I retain the right to refuse commissions for any reason.

Use of Art

Commissions priced on this site are for Personal Use Only and are not to be used or altered for commercial means or to be reproduced en mass. You are free to post your commissions publicly to your own personal galleries and collections or have the artwork appear on your own personal items. If you need art work which you are intending to distribute in multiples or use directly or indirectly for profit, please contact me for a Commercial Pricing quote.

Works commissioned for non-commercial use can be cropped to accommodate personal uses such as user icons or forum signatures or to appear on personal items, as long as credit to the Artist is maintained. Final works may not be altered to change the nature of the piece (example: altering SFW artwork to make them NSFW) and signatures of final works must remain intact. Character Sketches and Sketch Pages can be edited and completed, but the same commercial restrictions applies to them.

updated: 14 May 2018

Payment & Shipping

Payments are made through PayPal Invoices

Do not send money until you have received an invoice. I require payment upfront, in-part or in-full, before beginning and completing Commissions. Installments available for larger commissions. Payments made in USD.

If payment is requested without an invoice…

• Choose Paying for Goods or Services when you are asked what you are paying for.
• Choose No Address Needed from the address field if your Commission does not require shipping.
• In the Add a note area, leave a brief description of what you are paying for. Example: Regular icon for Jimmy Jim James.

Sales Tax

IMPORTANT! Texas residents will be charged sales tax (8.25% San Antonio rate) in accordance to Texas State Law. No sales tax required for non-Texas residents.


Shipping is only applied towards applicable physical Commissions. Finished commissions and products can take up to a week to ship. Cost of shipping is determined during the quote phase, unless otherwise stated on listed items.

All Commissions are mailed out USPS First-Class, unless otherwise arranged by Client.

Buyers are responsible for any and all duties and customs charges that apply. Discounted shipping available for multiple items. Other shipping methods, insurance, and tracking available at Client’s expense. Ask up front so I can include it in the quoted price.

updated: 14 May 2018

Step 2: Browse my Available Commissions

Look through the Available Commissions for prices and samples, and pick which one that suits you. Don’t see what you’re looking for or are having trouble deciding which commission type you need? Feel free to contact me!

Step 3: Email me your Commission Inquiry

When sending a commission request, be sure to include:

  • What type of commission you are looking to get
  • Reference and information relevant to your commission
  • Your PayPal email address
  • If you plan on attending my live stream: your available times or desired day/time for scheduling. Please visit my Trello board for current stream schedule and availability.
  • If you live in Texas: sales tax will be applied.

I will give you a quote based off this information, or we can discuss what would work best for your expectations and budget.

IMPORTANT: Please attach individual images to the email OR provide links to the images. DO NOT send anything in a zip file or link to pages that cannot be accessed publicly (require a log in.) You may link to collections or galleries, but the images in them all need to be relevant to the commission.
Returning Customer? Please send me a new email for new commission requests instead of reply to an old one. Remember to include reference material, even if I’ve drawn your character before!


Step 4: Once accepted, an invoice will be sent to you via PayPal.

Prompt payment means faster turnaround time. If you are planning to attend the stream, I will usually send your invoice the day of your commission.

Step 5: Get awesome artwork!

Your art will be produced during one of my live streaming events. If you did not schedule a time to attend the stream, you commission will be done at my earliest convenience. All applicable files for your completed art are sent to you via email attachment.

Have questions? Take a look at my FAQ page or Email Me if you need help!

updated: 14 May 2018