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I love doing character art and offer an array of commissions to suit your needs! You can even watch them done live over my art stream! Interested in getting some personal custom artwork? Check out my commission page for prices, samples, Terms of Service and more!

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Whether you’re getting a commission or just want to hang out, be sure to stop by my art stream!

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For the month of December, I am offering a 10% discount on commissions with full-body pairs, any style! Perfect time to get a gift for that special someone! Only pieces that depict two distinct characters qualify (not the same character twice.) Does not need to be holiday themed, discount applied to total cost of piece.

This sale will run from December 1st until January 1, 2024! Please visit the commission page to inquire!

Price Change Coming in January

It’s a bummer but there’s just no escaping the all the price increases that’s been happening for the last several years, from food to vet care, and it’s become necessary to make a cost of living adjustment. I will have the finalized prices available by the end of December and while all items will be effected, I am hoping to keep everything limited to around 10%, give or take.

The prices will be in effect starting January 19th. Because my workload might get weighed down with sale items in December, I wanted to give a little extra opportunity to get other items at current prices before the price change.

UPDATE 2023-12-15 Here is the tentative base price list starting January 19th. Other changes mentioned in the update like vignette pricing, the addition of other products, etc will either take effect on the 19th or introduced later on with I am ready to add them.

Anyone who contacts me about scheduling a commission prior to January 19th will get old pricing, even if their commission is scheduled to be worked on after January 19th.

Other Commission Updates

I am always looking to improve my business of offering commissions, which includes reexamining what I offer, what I can do better, etc. Making sure I have consistent quality artwork, great experiences with my clients, and a workflow that supports my well-being is constantly getting fine tuned. Here’s what will be going on in 2024…

โœ I will be once again changing up the style of Character Sketches. I like changing up how I do them every so often when I feel like the workflow isn’t benefiting me anymore. Samples of how sketches will look to come. I might even explore the idea of offering Headshot sketches, though that is a big maybe.

๐Ÿถ As is, Headshots are exclusively meant to only show the head, as it is intended to be formatted as a very readable as a small icon, and because of that I don’t offer any additional body parts or props in them. However, I get a lot of requests to do things that will not fit with a Headshot but not quite enough to justify a Partial. So, I will be toying with ways to offer something that is in between a Headshot and a Partial, possibly a new item like a Bust, or possibly just a path to upgrade to a more involved Headshot. More on that later in the year as a hammer out how I would like to handle that.

๐Ÿ• Vignette pricing will be standardized to a starting price of 40% of the price of the piece, regardless if it’s a single or pair (formerly 50% for single and 30% for pairs.) This standardizes the cost across the board and makes the base price for a Vignette more acceptable for me without having to do a lot of adjusting.

๐Ÿ“œ I will be doing some general tidying up of how information is presented on the site and making sure the TOS is up to date as well.

๐Ÿ“ฎ I might rework how I do absentee commissions (commissions that do not have an attending client to give feedback.) I designed how I currently handled them to make them unobtrusive to my regular workflow with limited steps to completion, but I am going to examine possibly providing a pathway to more opportunities to request additional edits during the process. As is, there is only one or two opportunities to ask for an edit, as requesting, waiting for and executing edits invokes a lot of “hurry up and wait”, the enemy of my productivity. I don’t know what that will look like yet, but it’s on my plate this year.

Phasing Out Twitter/X as a Point of Contact

We’ve all seen the state of Twitter/X lately, and unpleasantness aside, I have found that its myriad of changes and downgrades have made it too volatile for me to leave it as an option for a reliable Point of Contact. As my presence on there has been downgraded to routine commission updates and stream announcements, its usefulness as a way to communicate with me has been in constant decline. I often do not get alerts for DMs or @’s for days, i can no longer use my preferred apps with it, and leaving DMs open has resulted in a lot of spam. So I will be turning off DMs on my Twitter to discourage anyone from using it as a means of contacting me. I will still be posting to it regularly with usual updates, etc.

Email is and always will be the best and preferred way to get in touch with me for any reason, and email is the ONLY way to send a commission inquiry. However, I do not want only one point of contact as emails can go missing or sent to spam accidentally. I am currently looking into other ways to reliably contact me. But for now, outside of email, the best way to get in touch will be through Picarto, either by sending me a whisper in chat during my streams, or sending me a direct message through Picarto’s messaging system..

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