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Hello, i'm pac! What can i do for you?

Fresh and tasty commissions

I love doing character art and offer an array of commissions to suit your needs! You can even watch them done live over my art stream! Interested in getting some personal custom artwork? Check out my commission page for prices, samples, Terms of Service and more!

background character belongs to caudle

now Streaming

Friday to Monday, 3pm to 10pm central time

Whether you’re getting a commission or just want to hang out, be sure to stop by my art stream!

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Every tip (or as I call them, “tacos”) is greatly appreciated and helps me create more things for myself and for you! I am always looking for ways to reward contributors to my Ko-fi, so folow me there and toss a few tacos my way, if you can!

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recent posts

New prices coming in April

As mentioned in my New Years post, prices for my commission are slated to change around tax time. It’s unfortunately a necessary task but hopefully will not be too painful. I don’t have an official price list or a hard date but I can tell you the following: …

I hope everyone has had a safe and sane end of 2021! The last few years have been very trying for everyone and I hope 2022 will see relief for those most impacted. As a new year ramps up, I wanted to do some house keeping and let …

Starting next week (Friday, November 26) the stream schedule will be changing to the following: FRIDAY to MONDAY, 3pm to 10pm CENTRAL TIME. For important personal reasons I need to have Thursday’s free, so I will be shifting the stream over one day by removing Thursday and adding …

What a wild year! Regardless of how it went for you, I hope 2021 will be a good one! I’ve just made some minor updates to the Terms of Service and FAQ so that it better reflects my current commission offerings (removing mentions to discontinued items, for example.) …

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