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I love doing character art and offer an array of commissions to suit your needs! You can even watch them done live over my art stream! Interested in getting some personal custom artwork? Check out my commission page for prices, samples, Terms of Service and more!

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Whether you’re getting a commission or just want to hang out, be sure to stop by my art stream!

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I had been meaning to add this bit to my TOS/FAQ and finally got around to it to make it official since I am now seeing it pop up a bit more in the work I do:

I do not accept any reference material that is AI generated.

I won’t get too deep into this as it has been discussed ad nauseam and at great emotional expense, but I have strong stance of not utilizing any AI material in my workflow, particularly the image generation. It’s both a personal and professional decision that I make a conscientious effort to dissuade the use of a technology that has been actively harming my industry and peers, and makes certain legalities too muddy and gray.

Please respect this request and opt to not use AI imagery as reference material. Should I receive suspected AI imagery as reference material for commissions, I will ask that the inquiry be resubmitted without it or I will inform the client I will not be using it in the production of the commission. If the AI imagery is necessary for the commission’s reference, I will kindly pass on it.

This information has been added to the commission page, the TOS and the FAQ. The Personal Commission Usage Agreement PDF attached to every invoice has also been updated to reflect the existing clause in my TOS that commissioned works are not to be intentionally used in any AI training data.

Thank you for your understanding!

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