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Hello, i'm pac! What can i do for you?

Fresh and tasty commissions

I love doing character art and offer an array of commissions to suit your needs! You can even watch them done live over my art stream! Interested in getting some personal custom artwork? Check out my commission page for prices, samples, Terms of Service and more!

background character belongs to caudle

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Friday to Monday, 3pm to 10pm central time

Whether you’re getting a commission or just want to hang out, be sure to stop by my art stream!

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Every tip (or as I call them, “tacos”) is greatly appreciated and helps me create more things for myself and for you! I am always looking for ways to reward contributors to my Ko-fi, so folow me there and toss a few tacos my way, if you can!



During my regular stream times for the month of June, I am offering 10% off Unicorn commissions!

Have your new or existing unicorn characters drawn, or get you OC in the spirit by changing up their species into a herd of heraldic hoof handed horn heads!

The Nitty Gritty:

✨ Discount applies to any style (Sketch, Line Art, Flats, etc…) and any type (headshot, partial or full body)
✨ Discount applies to single characters or pairs, but pairs must both be unicorns to receive discount!
✨ Character species must be an ungulate-type unicorn (classic unicorn-type animals resembling horses, goats, deer, etc) or a hybrid (ex: satyrcorn)
✨ Anthro or feral ok!
✨ Discount is applied to total price. Price prior to discount may be higher than base price due to additional details such as props, complex costuming/armor, wings, etc.
✨ Sale runs from June 3rd to June 27th.

Scheduling ahead of time is highly recommended! Please visit my Commission Page to find out how to get your commission, or contact me with any questions!

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