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Terms of service


  • No Pornographic / Sexual Adult Content. This includes sexualized nudity and genitalia or other sexualized content. Please contact me if you are unsure about content restrictions.
  • I will not accept commissions with subjects or material I am uncomfortable with.
  • Client needs to be 18+ to purchase any works, commissioned or otherwise, with a rating of R or higher.


  • Changes to the drawing and composition can only be made during the preliminary sketch phase. Once the sketch is approved, no additional changes to the “outlines” will be allowed when inking starts.
  • Colors, markings, patterns and shading, where applicable, can be changed up until the finalization of your commission.
  • If you attend the stream: Changes and suggestions can be made throughout the duration of your piece, in accordance to the stipulations above. I will ask for approval of the sketch before starting the inks (if applicable).
  • If you do not attend the stream: You will be sent a watermarked preliminary sketch by email for you to change or approve (if applicable). You can change this drawing once. You will receive a watermarked sample file of the base colors or completed piece for you to change or approve (if applicable). You can change this final product once. Please note: by not attending the stream you relinquish some ability to request edits and I will exercise more creative freedom and interpretation based on the limited input offered for your type of absentee commission. 
  • No additional changes will be allowed once final is approved and business is concluded.
  • Certain products such as Sketches do not have any approval phases and you will only receive the final product. Please attend the stream if you would like to give input on these types of commissions.
  • Excessive amounts of edits or significant changes in the commission that significantly lengthen the time spent on production will incur additional fees or be rejected. Alternate versions of commissions can only be purchased at the start of the original order (if applicable).


  • Cancellations/refunds are only offered during the sketch phase.
  • Should I need to cancel a commission for any reason throughout the process, the client will get a full refund. 
  • Clients lose any and all rights to the artworks that are canceled/refunded.
  • No-Shows to scheduled commissions without prior contact will be canceled, and you must reschedule. Repeated No-Shows who do not contact me prior to appointment may have future commissions rejected or only accepted as absentee.

Rights to the Artwork

  • All applicable rights to the IP, Characters and ideas are retained by the client or original creators/rights holders.
  • I retain all commercial rights to non-commercial works I create which includes the right to redistribute, promote and profit, as well as any rights afforded by Copyright Law.
  • Should you want additional rights or licenses to the works, or wish to have your commission remain private, please contact me for a price quote. See Use Of Personal Artwork section.
  • I retain the right to refuse commissions for any reason.

Use Of Personal Artwork

  • Commissions priced on this site are for Personal Use Only and are not to be used or altered for commercial means or to be physically mass produced.
  • You are free to at any time post your commissions publicly or privately to your own personal galleries, social networks and collections or have the artwork appear on your own personal items. If you need artwork which you are intending to distribute in multiples or use directly or indirectly for profit, please contact me for Commercial Pricing quote.
  • Works commissioned for non-commercial use can be edited/cropped to accommodate personal uses such as user icons, forum signatures, etc or to appear on personal physical items, as long as credit to the Artist is maintained.
  • Artworks may not be altered to change the nature of the piece or misrepresent the kind of work I offer (example: altering SFW artwork to make them NSFW, adding hateful imagery to my artwork, etc) and signatures of full works must remain intact.
  • Character Sketches and Line Art can be edited and completed, but the same commercial and content restrictions apply to them.
  • No personal or commercial artworks may be used, sold, “minted”, etc through any crypto, NFT or Web3 services or projects.
  • No personal or commercial artworks may be intentionally used as training data for any artificial intelligence or machine learning.


  • Prices are in USD.
  • Payments are made via PayPal Invoices. Do not pay until you have received this invoice or made other arrangements.
  • Invoices are usually sent the day of scheduled streamed commissions, or sooner if you are not attending the stream.
  • Payment must be made in-full before starting your piece. Payment options are available for larger, more expensive orders totaling more than $1000.
  • A 8.25% Sales Tax will be added to all Texas Residences.
LAST UPDATED: 2023-07-05