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  • Can I use your work as a tattoo?

    I prefer that none of my art be used as tattoos, unless it is art you have commissioned. If you like my work, please commission me for custom work.

  • Can I use your art for something else?

    Not likely. I prefer my art not be reposted, printed or reproduced in anyway, unless it’s been specified to a Client that they can through the TOS or by myself personally. If you want to use my art for something, you can always commission custom work. I do not license out any of my personal work. Clients who have commissioned me can purchase additional rights to the image to use it for commercial or non-personal purposes.

  • What program are you using to make digital art?

    Clip Studio Paint. My hardware is a Wacom Intuo Pro Large.

  • Commissions

  • Do you offer commercial work?

    Yes, I do accept some commercial work such as logos, illustrations, graphic design, etc. Commissioned work of this kind has an entirely different set of prices and conditions. Commercial commissions allow you to pay for certain licensing rights and licenses, such as the right to reproduce the work or to indirectly profit from it. Examples of this are sticker designs, CD covers, and other promotional material.

    Please do not use the price sheet on this website as an indication of Commercial Pricing. Please email me to find out more about those services and my availability. I will need an abstract of the project to give an accurate quote.

  • I’ve noticed something wrong with my commission. Can you edit it?

    For a number of reasons, edits can only be made during the production of the commission. Once artwork has been approved (during stream or with emailed samples) and emailed, it is considered Completed and no more work will be done on it. However, I do allow a number of edits to be done to personal commissions by the original clients. You can do the following:

    Add your own color to Line Art and Sketches.
    Color adjust and add text to finished works.
    Crop works to suit your personal needs.

    Please note that edited personal non-commercial works are still subject to the Terms of Service. Please do not use edited works for commercial use and do not edit works to change the nature of the commission (edit it to be pornographic, add hate speech, etc.) Please do not remove the credit information from the full sized works and if you are posting edited pieces publicly, please note you have altered the original.

    I will always fix any of my own mistakes. Please review the artwork carefully before approving it.

  • Do you offer reference sheets?

    I currently do not offer reference sheets.

    If you would like to make your own reference sheet from my artwork, I recommend using Flat Color commissions for this. Let me know if you plan on using them for reference sheets and I can make sure the artwork is optimized for color clarity and detail readability, and can provide you with a transparent PNG for ease of construction.

  • Do you offer comic commissions?

    I do not offer comic commissions.

    However you can add comic style speech bubbles to your character commission.

  • Do you offer badge commissions?

    I do not offer separate commissions for badges, but any  commission type can be formatted as a badge. There is no additional cost to add text to the image as  long as it is not hand drawn.

    Please note I do not offer any printing/laminating for badges and you will only receive the badge artwork print-ready files. You must print the badge yourself.

    Please note that badge commissions will ONLY receive the badge version of the artwork. If you would like both the badge version and the full format artwork without the text, it will start at an additional 50% the total price, and will depend on what kind of editing may be required.

    If you are interested in a badge commission it must be ordered at the time of your commission inquiry. I do not offer edits to finished works. You are, however, free to edit your commission yourself to use as a badge.

  • When can I expect my commission to be done?

    All commissions are done during my regular stream schedule. You can find my current stream schedule on this website or on the stream page at Commissions are done during the time or times you have scheduled with me in advanced, or at my earliest convenience if you are not attending. Most commissions are finished during one stream session but may take more than one session depending on the commission size and available time and scheduling.

  • Can I keep my commission private (off public galleries)?

    Commissions can remain “private” under certain conditions. A Client can request the art not be posted to Public accounts such as FurAffinity or Twitter, only on the condition that the Client does not post the image Publicly as well. If the Client posts the image publicly, the agreement is void. The Client can also request a grace period, in which I will refrain from posting the image publicly for a predetermined amount of time (example: a surprise for someone’s birthday next month).

    To keep a commission private indefinitely, the price of the commission will double. This charge covers the cost of producing the work off-stream in my off hours. Please note that this fee is nonrefundable if you decide to eventually post your piece publicly. If you are thinking about having a Commission remain private, please review these terms and discuss it with me.

    Some commissioned works are not regularly posted to my galleries. This does not mean the commissions are private, it is only a curatorial choice. All Commissions that are not designated private retain the option of being posted publicly by myself or the client. Private commissions are subject to the same TOS as other Commissions and are not considered Commercial Work.

    Commercial Work is exempt from this specific fee as the cost of the project includes any NDA.

  • Can I upgrade my commission after its finished?

    No edits, including upgrades, will be allowed after a commission has been completed.

    The only exception is Sketches. Sketches can be used as base drawings for finished works such as Line Art, Flats, Basic, Deluxe and Painted.

    If you wish to change the type of commission you want to get, please let me know ASAP and prior to paying your invoice. If you anticipate wanting a different commission but cannot afford it at this time, please hold off until you are ready to purchase the commission you actually want.

    If you want a copy of the Line Art from your Flats, Basic or Deluxe piece, it will be an additional $25 for single character and $45 for a pair and must be purchased at the time of the commission. If you want one additional color edit of your Flats, Basic or Deluxe commission, it will be an additional 50% the total cost and must be purchased at the time of the commission. Example of this is wanting two different color versions of a character’s fur for the same piece.

  • Can I post my commission to Patreon?

    I do allow Personal Commissions to be posted to Patreons and similar services as long as they are not exclusive paid rewards. Please note that unless it is Commercial Work, commissions posted to services like Patreon may be posted elsewhere and may not be exclusively hidden behind paywalls.

  • Will you do fan art for commission?

    I prefer to not do commission work that is exclusively fan art of an existing IP or trademarked character you do not own. I WILL however incorporate aspects of trademarked material into an original work. Examples: Your character cosplaying as an IP, a fan character of an IP, your character from a playable race in a video game, your character inserted into an IP, etc.

    Part of the reason for this is I do not offer “style replication” and I can better interpret characters and create better quality artwork when I am not working under the specter of faithfully representing an established IP/TM fandom. There are also some legal gray areas for profiting off of certain IPs and trademarked material that I would rather avoid. Fan Art is often plagiarized which I would also like to avoid.

  • I’ve commissioned you before, and my reference material is art you have done for me. Do I still need to send references?

    YES! It is the Client’s responsibility to send me up-to-date reference material each time they commission me. Even if your reference material is art I have made for you recently, I make no assumptions that it is up-to-date info UNLESS you send it to me as a reference. Each new commission email is its own “work file”. All information about your commission goes through that email, including reference material. After your commission is complete, emails and works are archived. Alterations due to out-of-date reference or incomplete info are not offered! Don’t risk it!

  • I haven’t commissioned anyone before! What do I do if I have no references?

    If you have no artwork or other visual references of your specific character, please provide an accurate written description instead. You can also include other visual references, such as photographs or other art that depict what you are trying to convey (hair styles, clothing, markings, pose, etc). Be sure to be precise and concise with your written descriptions. Do not make your description too long (only a few paragraphs) or avoid adding info that has nothing to do with the commission. You can also do a list of character traits which makes the information much more readable.

    Attending a live stream event for your commission if you do not have any pre-existing artwork is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You can schedule a specific time during my usual stream days.

    REMEMBER: For Line Art, Flats, Basic, Deluxe and Painted you will only get one shot to change the drawing, and one shot to change the colors (through email) if you do not attend the stream. Sketches have no approval phases and you will only receive the final work. Please keep this in mind if your character is new or you are a new client.

  • Can I get an alternate version of my commission, like multiple colors or a copy of the Line Art?

    Due to the amount of work it takes to make alternate versions of works, no alternate versions that require any editing of the line art or drawing will be permitted.

    If you want a copy of the Line Art in addition for your Flat, Basic or Deluxe commission, it will be an extra $25 for single character and $45 for a pair. This is for all commission styles that use Line Art and is not applicable to Painted commissions or Sketches. If you want a full sized copy of the sketch you will need to purchase a Character Sketch.

    Depending on what is being altered, I may offer one alternate version of colors starting at an additional 50% the total price. ONLY alternate colors may be considered, NO alternate versions of the drawing or line art will be accepted. Alternate versions MUST be purchased at time of the original invoice since no edit will be allowed after a commission is finished.

  • Do you accept NSFW reference material?

    While I will not accept sexually explicit commissions, I do accept most NSFW reference material.

    However, I highly prefer SFW or edited reference material. You would be doing me a great favor if you only provide SFW material or censor NSFW material.

    I DO NOT accept NSFW photographs.

  • Can I have a timelapse of my commission?

    Timelapses are recorded and uploaded to my Twitter account at my own discretion and cannot be requested at this time.

  • I am going to split the cost of my commission with a friend. Can we pay you separately?

    Only one invoice is issued per commission transaction, and only one person can be the payer of a invoice. If you plan on sharing the cost of a commission with someone, decide who will be responsible for paying the invoice and have everyone pool their money with that person.

  • Why can’t I get full backgrounds or more than two characters in the same picture anymore?

    Pieces start getting exponentially more complex the more characters you add. I’ve chosen to keep pieces to one or two characters because I have a better idea of how much time and effort that will cost, and as a result, can better estimate the cost. This helps keep the price of pieces predictable. Pieces that contain multiple characters tend to also have multiple owners, and coordinating more than two people for a stream appointment, confirming changes, gathering input, etc becomes considerably more taxing.

    Because I prefer to focus on character art/design, I have opted out of making full spread background scenery. Similar to the reason I do not offer more than two characters, the addition of involved background scenery makes the pricing and time commitment unpredictable. I prefer to accept pieces I know I can complete within one or two sessions. Instead of backgrounds, I offer vignettes, which are incomplete scenery elements that are near the immediate vicinity of the character. This gives the impression of background scenery without having to render an entire scene.

    On occasion I may accept a project that will have 3 or more characters or more complex backgrounds but it will be very rarely and at my own discretion. Please note that these pieces will not conform to my price list and could easily double the starting base price.

  • What counts as a prop? What counts as a vignette?

    Small personal items the character is holding/wearing/interacting with usually will not cost extra. These are things like cellphones, mugs, books, etc. A large amount of small personal items or particularly detailed personal items may incur an additional fee.

    Larger or more complex props will incur an additional fee. These are things like weapons, instruments, tools, etc.

    Some small characters/creatures may be priced as a prop. These may be things like swaddled infants, some small pets/familiars, etc.

    Fees for props will depend on the number and complexity of the props as well as the complexity of interacting with them. (example: holding an instrument may be slightly cheaper than playing an instrument.)

    Vignettes are usually props or environmental scenery near the character and has its own price structure outside of personal props. These are usually things like furniture, plants, signage, and other setting pieces that the character may or may not be interacting with directly, but which embellish the area nearest to the character.

  • Stream

  • What if I can’t attend your live stream for my commission?

    I understand that there are some occasions where people will not be able to attend the live stream, either due to work, school or time zones. In most cases, stream attendance is not mandatory, though I do stress that it is highly recommended.

    So what happens if you cannot attend?  Commissions that do not have an attending client will be added to the queue at my own convenience. I aim to have most commissions completed within two weeks of payment, but because they do not have a set schedule for them like I do with in-attendance clients, I cannot guarantee a completion date. All commissions, whether scheduled or not, are done during my normal live stream hours, so you can expect your piece to be moved around frequently within my available time. I will keep you apprised of any excessive delays.

    Another thing that is different is you will have fewer chances to give input on your piece if it is applicable. You will receive a preliminary sketch to approve or change the drawing, and you will receive a WIP to approve or change base colors/markings. No additional changes will be permitted after this. Character Sketches do not have any approval phase and you will only receive the final product.

    Invoicing is different for non-attendees as well. Normally, invoices are sent and paid the day of your commission, but your invoice will be sent soon after your commission has been accepted. Payment can be made at your discretion but work will not begin until invoice is paid.

  • Do you offer “drop-ins” during your stream?

    Yes, however I have no guarantee of availability. Priority is given to pre-scheduled, pre-paid commissions. Drop-in commissions are only made available once all other work has concluded and can be requested only during stream time through in-chat whispers. If you want to ensure a spot during my stream it is recommended to schedule in advance.

  • How do you decide what order to do commissions during your stream? Is it first come first serve?

    Commissions that are scheduled in advanced are organized in my work days based on a combination of client availability and stream time availability. While there is a degree of consideration given to the order in which requests are made, flexibility may be needed when scheduling a commission. I do my best to schedule commissions that will suit a client’s time frame if they wish to attend, and I try to schedule in-attendance commissions in such a way that the piece can be completed in one to two appointments. Clients who cannot or choose not to attend cannot schedule their commission, and it will be added and moved around my schedule at my own discretion as space allows through out the week.

    Late or no-shows for scheduled commissions will have their spot forfeited to another person in the queue or made available to drop-ins. Missed appointments need to be rescheduled through the commission email.

    Drop-in commissions (commissions that are taken ad hoc during the stream) are only offered when space has come available. They are only accepted when I officially offer them and inquiries for a drop-in can only be made through whisper in-chat and must be attended (if you are ok with being absentee, please follow the instructions on my commission page and send an email.) Drop-ins are typically first come first serve, however, if I get multiple requests, I may choose the piece(s) that I can efficiently fit within my available time. Unfulfilled requests are encouraged to go to my commission page and submit an email for scheduling on a different day.

  • Can I schedule my commission for a day outside of your stream schedule?

    No, in-person stream appointments can only be made for my normal stream days/times. All personal commissions are done publicly over live stream, regardless if the client is attending.

    Some works can be done off stream for an additional fee (see the question regarding “Private Commissions.”) These commissions may be done during non-stream hours and are not available for private streaming.

  • Will you let me know when it is time for my commission in stream?

    When it is time for your commission, I will send you a “whisper” through my stream’s chat. You must be present in the stream’s chat get a whisper. To learn more about how Picarto’s chat system works, please read their FAQ about the chat system here.

    I will not send you an email, Twitter DM, etc to remind you of your appointment or to tell you it is your turn next. It is your responsibility to be present and responsive. If you are unresponsive or not present in the chat for a length of time, you place in line will be forfeited.

    I will not always see or answer emails/DMs once the stream has started, so be sure to contact me through the chat if you need a response right away.

    Because appointment times can be approximations, I understand  it can be hard to remain present through the majority of the stream while you wait your turn. If this is a concern, being the first to make an appointment makes you the first commission when the stream starts, so make your appointments ASAP! You can also request a certain time frame and I will try to accommodate if there is space. I will do my best to give you ballpark estimate when you might expect your commission to start if it is not the first commission of the day, but this may change if times run long or short on other commissions done that day.

  • Do I have to have a Picarto account to participate in the chat and recieve whispers?

    At this time, Picarto is requiring an account to participate in chats for security reasons. If this changes, you will be able to participate as a guest.

    It is beneficial to get a Picarto account, anyway. Your nickname can never be taken, I will recognize you more readily, you can get alerts about when my stream has come online and use features only available to registered users.

    Be sure to let me know what your chat alias is if you are getting a commission so I know who to look for.

  • Can you send me a copy of my commission in progress if it is not finished during the stream?

    Sometimes commissions need multiple streams to complete. If you are attending the stream for your commission, you will not receive WIPs of your commission even if it takes multiple sessions. Clients who are not attending the stream will receive one sample of the sketch (if applicable) and one sample of the base colors or example of the final product (if applicable).

  • Is there any audio during your stream?

    At the moment, there is either no audio playing, some soft background music automatically playing OR a movie may be playing in the corner. There is no mic, so you will never hear my voice.

  • Nothing is happening. Did the stream freeze?

    Frequently during streams I will take a number of unannounced unscheduled breaks. During this time you will not see any progress on the drawing. You can tell if the stream is still running normally if you see the character in the bottom right corner of the stream blink (it’s subtle!) or the Ko-fi icon shake. There may also be music playing in the background so check that. If all else fails, refresh.