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Please read the entire page before sending a commission inquiry

Step 1

Read the Terms of Service

Please don’t skip this step! You must read the TOS before receiving a commission. It has information on content restrictions, usage, revisions, etc.

Answers to many questions regarding commissions can be found in the FAQ.

Step 2

Pick your commission

Please look through the Available Commissions for options and prices, and pick which one that suits you. You can find examples of previous commissions in the Commission Gallery.

Don’t see what you’re looking for or are having trouble deciding which commission type you need? Feel free to contact me!

background character belongs to Kumari

Step 3 (optional)

Pick a day to attend the stream

All of my commissions are done over live stream and, while it is OPTIONAL, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you attend as well! Current live streaming schedule can be found on my Trello board or on the live streaming page.


Currently it is required to have a Picarto account to participate in the chat. Please register with Picarto if you plan on attending the stream for your commission.

Please remember that those who do not or cannot attend the stream will have limited options for edits, as outlined in the  TOS.

Current Stream Schedule

Friday – Monday, 3 – 10pm Central Time

Click here to convert your time zone

Step 4


Payments are made via PayPal Invoices.

Invoices are sent the day of your live stream appointment, normally right before the start of your appointment. Invoices can be sent sooner if requested or you are not attending the stream. Payment is due before work can begin.

While there is an option for a gratuity in the invoice, it is not required. However, if you do end up enjoying my work and the service I’ve offered, consider sending a tip through my Ko-Fi 🌮

Step 5

Email me your request

Please email me the following information. I will give you a quote based off this information, or we can discuss what would work best for your expectations and budget. I will then either assign you a spot in my queue or give you an ETA if you are not attending the stream. Invoices are sent the day of the stream appointment (if attending) or ASAP (if not attending or otherwise requested.)

  • What Commission Type(s) are you interested in?
  • Reference/Description material
    Please only send images and written material relevant to your commission. Make written descriptions concise and readable. They should be no more than a few paragraphs long at most.
  • How would you like your commission credited?
    Please provide a name or account username to credit the commission to, such as your name or account name, or the name or account name of the character owner.
  • Your PayPal email address
  • Your day/time availability (if attending the live stream)
  • Your Picarto username (if attending the live stream)
  • If you are a Texas Resident (Sales Tax Required)

Hello! My name is ___ and I am interested in a commission.

I am interested in these Commission Type(s):

Description of Commission/Characters:

I would like to have my commission/character(s) credited to the following name or account:

You can send my PayPal Invoice the following email address:

I am interested in attending the live stream for my commission. I am available on the following days/times:

My Picarto screen name is:

Texas Resident?:

Read the TOS?:


Please attach individual images to the email OR provide links to the images. DO NOT send anything in a zip file or link to pages that cannot be accessed publicly (require a log in.) You may link to collections or galleries, but the images in them all need to be relevant to the commission. Avoid embedding images into the email. Images only, no video!

Returning Customer?

Please send me a new email for new commission requests instead of reply to an old one. Remember to include reference material, even if I’ve drawn your character before! I archive or delete completed commission emails and files.

thank you for your business!

Still have questions?

email me




Check the FAQ

LAST UPDATED: 2021-09-11